• Customer: Barilla
  • Country: Italy
  • Sector: Pasta
  • Solution: Cartoners

Half a century and still running

Barilla, one of the symbols of Made in Italy, has trusted Senzani and its pasta packaging machinery for decades.

The partnership started 50 years ago, when the first cartoner for pasta running at 220 cpm was supplied. This machine is the symbol of reliability and durability, after half a century it is still running, also thanks to Senzani assistance and maintenance service.

Not only Barilla owns the longest-running Senzani solution, but has also purchased the machine nr. 2000, a case packer for long-cut pasta.

In total, over 40 machines have been manufactured and installed in the Corporation’s various plants around the world. These figures show a long-lasting and solid partnership, especially in the short-cut pasta cartoning, where Senzani is the main Barilla’s partner.

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