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Secondary packaging machines

We offer secondary packaging solutions and innovative systems as wrap-around, side-load and top-load case packers, handling American cases or wrap-around from flat blank. These machines have a modular and specular design and are completely electronic (brushless motors). The case magazine is easily accessible, offers great autonomy and is fitted with a control system (photocells) to check and handle the case sealing and to count and record the cases produced.

Wrap-around case packer

CPWA case packers series is Senzani’s option for the secondary packaging from flat blank with the wrap-around system.

case size
min. 100 x 250 x 110 H mm.
max. 200 x 480 x 200 H mm.

max. 36 case per min.

Top-load case packer

CPTL case packers series is Senzani solution for American case (RCS case) top-load filling. The concept, sticking to simplicity as an essential feature, is based on cutting-edge technologies to provide a machine selection offering both the highest speed and greatest reliability in the sector.

case size
min. 250 x 150 x 150 H mm.
max. 500 x 300 x 450 H mm.

max. 25 case per min.

Side-load case packer

Horizontal case packers series CPSL is Senzani solution for American case (RCS case) side-load filling.

case size
min. 300 x 200 x 450 H mm.
max. 550 x 300 x 600 H mm.

max. 25 case per min.

High-rise case packer

SBNE series is Senzani’s solution for the tobacco sector, for cigarette bundles and similar products case packing or display packing.

case size
min. 350x210x220 H mm.
max. 550x390x620 H mm.

max. 8 case per min.