Increasingly versatile case packers to conquer different markets

Increasingly versatile case packers to conquer different markets 772 514 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

The market today demands machines that are more and more efficient and capable of combining versatility and high performances. Therefore, Senzani’s technicians and engineers are engaged in non-stop R&D activities.

An example that meets exactly these requirements is a case packer which can perform case filling both in wrap-around and tray & lid mode, giving a broader range of secondary packaging options, all with the same machine. More efficient production and space savings (with a 5×4 metre footprint, the machine is very compact) are the main advantages of this solution.

Recently, this CPWA has been requested by two different manufacturers, from the Netherlands and from the UK, for the case packing of bags containing ground coffee and coffee beans.

In this specific case, the solution allows the processing of around twenty different recipes, consisting of coffee bags from 250 g up to 1.2 kg, in various collections (single row of 4 or 6 pieces, double row…), all in both wrap-around and tray & lid mode (managed through two different flat blank magazines). The machine can fill up to 18 cases per minute and even the most complex format changeovers are performed in less than 45 minutes. The most modern energy saving and remote assistance devices complete the equipment.

Thanks to its features and versatility, this machine is perfect for any bagged product such as pasta, sugar or petfood as well.