Senzani in the world: the German market

Senzani in the world: the German market 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Our Virtual World Tour to discover Senzani’s local representatives on the different markets stops in Germany: we had a chat with Walter Bolenz (Iwabo Innovationsmanagement GmbH) about his relationship and experience with our Company.

Which are the main characteristics of the market you deal with? Who is your “typical” contact person?

The main markets we are targeting are the coffee industry, chemicals, hardware and sweets.

How did you know Senzani and why did you choose them as partners?

Senzani was recommended by another serious German agent to us and a German customer we have a friendship relationship with.

How do you think Senzani’ s solutions could be competitive in your market?

From the base of the machinery Senzani is absolutely competitive with the local supplier. The solutions product into carton is very much appreciated. All customers are pleased. The competition is not so big but the market is small. Concerning the Tray/Wrap around Packer the market is big with many local competitors so the strategy is to start by selling to existing customers and combine end of line with cartoners to let customers prove the technology.

Which reputation has the Senzani brand in your area? Could you maybe tell 3 adjectives that the German market associates to Senzani?

The Feedback from the actual customer is a very high satisfaction, especially customer operating a machine from the VCM series. So: proven and promising technology, reliable. Nevertheless, there are still lots of customers who don’t know Senzani’s brand in the German market, so plenty of opportunities to explore.

Which feedback did Senzani’ s equipment get so far? What is your opinion about the start of this cooperation?

2020 is a very difficult year for a common start up because of Corona Virus. Despite the circumstances, we were able to win a big contract with an important coffee producer precisely because of Senzani’s high profile and innovative machine solution. Due to this first experience, we have to take advantage of Senzani’s strengths and make them known through targeted marketing campaigns and increasing the number of customer contacts. The personal cooperation with Senzani is good. There are usually always meaningful technical answers and support. Regarding the peculiarities of German customers and language, the offers have been adapted as well as a German hotline in Italy is now available. With this assumptions, surely great sales results are possible.