08 November 2017

Detergent powder, a secondary packaging solution in Brazil

Senzani machines keep recording the international market interest and appreciation. The positive reactions come from both new customers and long-lasting partners who have experienced the Senzani’s high quality solutions. One of the most recent supplies involved a Brazilian group that produces household detergents, recording a substantial growth in the detergent powder segment.

The Brazilian firm has been one of Senzani’s partners for a long time, but this was the first demand for a secondary packaging solution. Senzani supplied a CP25 side-load case packer to be integrated with a IVFS-10 vertical cartoning machine, to make-up a complete Senzani Brevetti line.

CP25 means speed: it can handle up to 25 cases per minute, thanks to the large case magazine, and subsequent loading capacity. Per the customers request, the machine can handle different carton formats, ranging from 0.5 to 2kg.  It has a compact design, and is a fully electronic and silent machine, thanks to its servomotors.

Following this supply, the partnership will proceed with upgrades of solutions already provided in the past, according to the specific customer’s demands. This confirms Senzani is a real partner for development.

09 October 2017

Faenza’s tribute to Iro Senzani

35 years after his passing, the town of Faenza paid a tribute to Iro Senzani, founder of Senzani Brevetti. A few days ago, the roundabout beside the Senzani factory was named after him.

The ceremony gathered the local authorities, the Mayor of Faenza, Mr. Giovanni Malpezzi, the Senzani family and the company employees and collaborators. A commemorative ceramic plaque made by a local pottery artist was unveiled.

“We are happy,” – says Mrs. Luisa Quadalti Senzani – the Municipality wants to leave such a sign of the town’s gratitude towards Iro Senzani. A man who brought his creativity, patents and the name of Faenza into the world. His profound connection with the local territory is a part of Iro Senzani’s legacy, which the family treasures, by keeping the company offices and production facility in Faenza.

Mr. Malpezzi, the Mayor, stated Iro Senzani was “one of those leading entrepreneurs of the second half of the last century making Faenza grow and flourish. Faenza owes very much to his talent and brilliance”.

16 May 2017

Passion and innovation: the keys to Senzani’s success at Interpack

Passion, tradition and innovation: these values identify Senzani Brevetti’s presence on the international market and after more than 60 years, they are still the reason for the company’s success at Interpack 2017, where the latest innovations were shown.

Senzani’s booth has seen a great turnout of visitors and connoisseurs from all over the world. People were interested in the new solutions the company offers, namely in the DP25, the cartoning machine with special application for cube-shaped stock cubes packaging. The WA12 was a protagonist as well, a monobloc wraparound case packer engineered for coffee capsules cartons conditioning. Coffee is actually a sector in which Senzani plays a crucial role, thanks to its expertise and the long-standing cooperation with worldwide leading businesses.

The visitors had the chance to see Senzani’s machinery and solutions and to meet the people who make them possible (from the Technicians to the Sales Department), the real protagonists of the communication project the company set up for the exhibition.

19 April 2017

Our latest generation solutions on show at Interpack

From the 4th to the 10th May, Senzani will be at Interpack, one of the main events in packaging automation, with advanced cartoning solutions and latest generation packaging machines. 

On our booth C30 in Hall 14 you will see the WA12 monoblock wrap-around case packer specifically designed with a modular structure for the packaging of coffee capsule cartons, which is part of a turn-key project that will handle the whole production from the cartoning to palletizing.

Moreover, Interpack will be the perfect place to showcase the highlight innovation of 2017: the DP25, an automatic wrap-around cartoner to pack “untraditional” cubic stock cubes starting form flat blank. With its high performances (infeed of up to 1800 cubes per minute), compact layout and extreme precision in the handling of the product, the DP25 is the ideal solution that fits any primary packaging machine for stock cubes available on the market.

Our multinational company customers, chose us because of our strong, skilled expertise in the packaging market applications. We can support them all along the process of developing their packaging concept, from the design of the pack to the logistic of their plant. For Senzani innovation essentially means considering the most recent packaging marketing trends – in terms of product package quality (value, strong attention to details, perfection) – and combining them with great processing performances.

22 March 2017

Coffee capsules: solutions for the entire packaging process

Reliability, high performances and flexibility have always been Senzani’s key qualities. The company devotes continuous attention to such aspects, which are nowadays indispensable to meet the needs of the growing and demanding coffee capsules market. Senzani, recording a production of more than 3 billion cartons, offers complete and turnkey solutions to handle the entire packaging process, from cartoning and case packing to palletizing.

The CM/CMX and TP series excel in terms of performances. The CM handles up to 70 pre-glued cartons and 1200 capsules per minute, the CMX series handles up to 150 cartons and 2400 capsules per minute, allowing the insertion of random capsules in the carton and the creation of multi-flavor mixes (e.g. combining milk and coffee capsules or different coffee blends). The TP series handles up to 62 cartons from flat blank and 670 capsules per minute, inserting nested capsules in the carton with different configurations. One single operator can easily manage the machine, with a subsequent reduction in terms of time and costs. All these series ensure a perfect carton squareness and the possibility to print on all 6 surfaces of the box.

Senzani solutions can handle different types of capsules (DolceGusto, Nespresso, K-cup, A modo mio) and be custom-tailored according to each customer’s specific needs. Senzani’s targeted offer is based on the work of a specialized team of project managers who accompany the customer through all the project phases.