11 December 2013

Senzani’s machineries: destination azores islands

A Senzani Brevetti’s cartoning machine is heading to the Azores islands. The system has been commissioned by Sinaga, a historical sugar-producing company of the archipelago off in the Atlantic Ocean.   The company, almost a century of history and a hundred employees, requested a machinery for the packaging of sugar sachets; the relevant choice was the CM-IM (intermitted motion) vertical cartoner (Ve.Ca.), which made Senzani land for the first time in this autonomous region of Portugal.  Once installed, the machine will be interfaced – generating  a proper integrated system – with a packaging machine manufactured by MF from Tavullia (PU), Italy, that fills and seals the sachets;  these are then dropped into the CM-IM through funnels and inserted in the folding cartons. The peculiarity of the system lies in the filling modality, which Senzani and MF technical departments designed together, in order to avoid installing an external counting machine; the counting of the sachets is carried out electronically through signals interchange between the machines. The CM-IM machine works in intermitted motion and specifically at single steps, so the machine stops at every step to receive the required quantity of product to fill the cartons; thanks to this system, it may handle up to 40 cartons per minute, with great precision and efficiency.  

20 November 2013

Senzani’s web communication revamped

In a time when web communication is more and more important for a business, Senzani Brevetti has decided to further invest on this aspect, with the implementation of new tools and the optimization of the pre-existing ones.  First of all, the main communication channel, the corporate website, went under a restyling which involved the homepage specifically: the new dynamic structure is aimed to gain more visibility for the recent news, so that the reader’s attention may focus on the company’s latest novelties, also thanks to large, high-quality pictures. In addition to this, the website overall structure includes 3 language versions (Italian, English and Spanish) and some functional actions for SEO research and implementation. Last but not least, Senzani Brevetti consolidated their presence online across the social media channels, with a Google+ profile which now integrates the already existing LinkedIn corporate page; the profile provides the company’s basic information, together with a presentation of the main products and services offered.   

18 June 2013

Senzani celebrates with its agents

The initiatives conceived by Senzani Brevetti to celebrate this 60th anniversary continue. After the events destined to the company’s employees and collaborators, to the institutions, to the financial and business partners, the time is now for the international distributors of the firm, real key to confirm its presence in foreign markets or to penetrate in new realities: important above all for an enterprise like Senzani, whose turnover is constituted for 90% by exports. The meeting, held in Faenza in concomitance with Packology, the Exhibition of technology for packaging and processing organized by Fiera Rimini, has seen the presence of various agents of Senzani coming from Europe (Scandinavia, Croatia, Germany, France etc), UAE and even from the United States. The event has represented the occasion to illustrate and to share objectives and future perspectives of development of the company, beyond picking up feedbacks on the reception reserved to the Senzani brand and products in the various foreign Countries.  The brand new institutional video, in which the history and the present of Senzani are illustrated, has been shown to the participants. In the following days the distributors have been accompanied to Packology, where they could visit the stand of Senzani and of those other working realities in the sector, further to assist to meetings and awardings tied up to the world of packaging.  

15 May 2013

Institutions and partners open house at senzani’s

More celebrations going on for Senzani Brevetti’s 60th anniversary. In the past days, the company wanted to share this important moment not only with the representatives of the local Institutions, but also with their business and financial partners, especially Suppliers, representing the strategic rings for the Senzani machines production “chain”. To seize the occasion, the doors of the Faenza headquarters remained opened, to show the attendees the development achieved in the activities and the production, through an evocative itinerary starting from the workshop area, the “historical” core of the plant, and leading to the most recent machineries; from the RP2 palletizer, to the SBNE case packer, and the CM6-CD vertical cartoner, this latter designed for Nestlè UK. The attendees had therefore the chance to closely observe the latest creations of the Senzani production, exceptionally in motion for the occasion, and directly experience their featuring level of technology and innovation.  This meeting also represented the opportunity for the preview of the second part of the institutional video realized for Senzani’s 60th anniversary, and to illustrate the company’s history and future perspectives for development, once more emphasizing on the strong existing bond with the Emilia-Romagna territory.

01 February 2013

The celebrations for senzani’s 60 anniversary have started

2013 is a very special year for Senzani Brevetti: the sixtieth anniversary. The company wants to celebrate this occasion with pride and enthusiasm, but without forgetting its style: therefore Senzani has chosen to start with a “family party”, all dedicated to its employees and assistants which are the pulsating heart of the company. On the 28th January in the head office in Faenza, management went through the history of the group, sharing the basis for the future: after a 2012 full of confirmations, Senzani can strongly re-affirm its position on the market through a rediscovered competitiveness proceeding further towards its 2013 sales objectives, which have been one of the topics of the kick-off meeting.  The event was also the occasion to show an institutional video looking back at the company’s 60 years’ life and to unveil the special logotype dedicated to this anniversary which will appear on all marketing tools during this year and other future celebrations Senzani has in program.