0MNIA, all types of cartons for coffee capsules… in one single machine

0MNIA, all types of cartons for coffee capsules… in one single machine 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

A new generation of coffee capsules packaging machinery has just been launched by Senzani: 0MNIA is a revolutionary and extremely flexible solution, already very much appreciated by many big players on the Italian and international market.

This “model zero” is a form-and-fill cartoner from flat blank which stands out for the ability to pack a wide range of capsules (Nespresso, Caffitaly, K-cup, A modo mio, Lavazza blu, to the newest Vertuo) in all possible ordered configurations and types of cartons: single or multilayer, with or without honeycomb sheet, with or without interlayer sheet, in 2×2 rose configuration, with flip-top carton closure, in the same-vertical-orientation, alternated or nested configurations, tube/stick, box set 3×3 or 4×4. These features make this line absolutely unique, so highly flexible that Senzani engineers can tailor it according to the most complex Customers’ demands, packaging configurations, performance levels and available space.

Thanks to Senzani’s technical solutions, 0MNIA handles each single capsule with the greatest care, even the aluminium ones (today increasingly preferable to plastic in terms of quality and sustainability); at the same time, it manages cartons and dividing sheets (interlayer and honeycomb).

0MNIA’s extremely compact footprint makes it the perfect solutions for plants with limited available space. Format change is quick and easy, user-friendly and colour-driven to guide all operations.

Regardless of the packaging or capsule type to handle, with this solution Senzani confirms to be the ideal partner for a coffee producers or co-packers, always able to help them in the production growth both in efficiency and sustainability.

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