02 May 2018

The latest Senzani’s solutions take IPACK-IMA’s stage

Senzani will be one of the protagonists of IPACK-IMA’s next edition, one of the main events of 2018 in the automatic packaging sector, taking place at Fiera Milano from May 29th to June 1st.

To represent the level of innovation and excellence achieved after 65 years of operation, the company’s stand (Hall 5, Stand B37) will host one of the solutions engineered and supplied for the food sector: the DP25. This particular automatic machine for secondary packaging forms and seals cardboard trays with wrap-around technology. DP25 is a suitable solution for a wide range of markets, namely the food sector, confectionery, pet food and detergents as well.

The machine you’ll see at IPACK-IMA was designed for the wrap-around cartoning of stock cubes, a challenging product due to its literally cubic shape. DP25 is both a tailor made solution and a versatile machine. It can be connected to all primary packaging machinery for stock cubes currently on the market, regardless of their production speed, DP25 is in fact able to process 2 thousand incoming stock cubes per minute.

This machine was engineered to be at the heart of a complete turnkey plant, a project Senzani followed through all phases, supporting the customer and confirming once again the company’s ability to be a reliable and efficient partner.

24 April 2018

Philip Morris - Senzani, the renewal of a successful partnership

Leading player in the tobacco industry for 50 years, Senzani Brevetti keeps growing in the development of the most suitable solutions for this evolving market. Philip Morris International (PMI), one of the main producers at a global level, has chosen Senzani once again and the partnership continues in the new Crespellano (BO) plant, the first large scale production site in the world for the tobacco sticks used with PMI’s smoke-free electronic device, IQOS.

Senzani keeps working with Philip Morris to provide targeted solutions and develop specific research, thanks to the continuous exchange with the whole supply chain, aiming at designing innovative technology for production automation.

Dozens of Senzani machines work in Crespellano site: namely the vertical case packers SBNE, integrated in a complete line, condition product bundles in case before delivering the boxes to the palletization system. This specific solution is flexible, reliable, user-friendly and low-maintenance demanding, confirming Senzani’s key-role in the tobacco industry.

04 April 2018

With Mondelez for chocolates cartoning

Senzani’s expertise in the food sector grows with a new contract with Mondelez International, a corporation operating in the confectionery snacks industry (owning brands as Oreo, Mikado and Milka) in more than 80 countries. The recent supply, meant for a chocolates cartoning project, consisted in the CMX8-CD vertical cartoner, processing up to 140 cartons per minute.

The main feature of this unique machine is the ability to manage a particular carton format (shaped as a truncated pyramid), demanding a specifically designed product flow. CMX8-CD can handle 12 different types of chocolates in a single carton, treating 4 different carton formats in terms of weight and dimensions. Great attention was devoted to the clean design in the project study phase, to abide by the strictest norms on food safety.

The cartoning line was installed in Mondelez’ main plant in Australia, completing an investment plan now achieving the launch of the new snack format in the Continent. The key to Senzani’s success was, once again, the ability to develop tailor-made solutions and customized supplies to meet the customer’s needs.

20 March 2018

Doypack, the ideal shelf-ready solution

Modern, economical, flexible and shelf-ready: stand up pouches and doypacks are a widespread packaging type, especially in the sectors of babyfood, petfood, household and personal care detergents. The ideal solution for powder, granular, liquid or pasty products.

Studying the market trends, Senzani has developed and engineered machinery for cardboard secondary packaging of doypacks: in display, tray or case. Conditioning doypacks in case may sound as a traditional solution, but thanks to particular arrangements (as precuts in the case flat blank) the box can turn into a shelf-ready display pack.

Senzani meets the market’s needs offering the wrap-around case packer WA18, with a compact footprint and a horizontal flat blanks magazine to allow the loading operation with no working cycle interruptions. As for the ordered packaging on shelf-ready tray from flat blank, the ideal solution is TP40: an extremely flexible machine engineered to top load the cartons with doypacks thanks to the Cartesian arm equipped with mechanical grippers. All machines are fitted with advanced quality control systems and are integrated with the MES computerized systems (Industry 4.0).

Once again, Senzani solutions answer the demands of the organized large-scale distribution in terms of convenience, sustainability and reverse economy.