VCPAL series


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A totally integrated system for American case packing of cartons and palletisation. Having a compact footprint and the highest degree of customisation, this palletisation area meets the need for low speed case packing (up to 10 cases/min) and direct palletisation (with the same picking head) composing a personalised layout. The case opening and closing systems can be fully integrated with the pallet magazine.

Main features:

  • Integrated system for case packing and palletisation
  • System personalisation
  • Intelligent motion control technology for energy recovery
  • Tool-free technology for adjustment operations
  • Wide range of available formats
  • Colour touch screen display
  • User-friendly and intuitive programming
  • Positive case opening and handling
  • Robotic arm for case packing and palletisation
  • Integration of Senzani automatic empty pallet magazine available
  • Infeed up to 30 cases/min