WACM series

Wrap-around cartoner from flat blank

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WACM series is Senzani solution to pack products in wrap-around from flat blank. It is the ideal option for Customers willing to present their products in ready-to-sell units as trays or displays.

This series is based on specific technologies to handle the products with great care and form the packaging around them by wrapping the configuration in the flat blank. The result is an extremely firm and solid packaging, which preserves its characteristics all along the transportation phases to the shelf.

The flat blanks magazine is ergonomic and flexible, it can store different blank types, formats and paper-weights. WACM can also include a dedicated station to handle interlayer pads and honeycomb sheets of various shapes and sizes.

Format change operations are made quick and easy thanks to the tool-free technology and the use of modern techniques to simplify the adjustments. The programs are selectable by an extremely intuitive operator interface and a dedicated tutorial to guide the operator step by step is also available, in order to avoid errors and speed up the operations.

High speed production, one of Senzani’s specialties, is ensured thanks to multiple stations for product transfer, packaging formation and sealing. The units are flexible and adapt to the product type and the desired configuration. All equipment movements are simultaneous and perfectly synchronised, with integrated management from operator panel.

The selection of components aims at ensuring great reliability and durability. It also allows the machine adaptation to new formats, which may vary in time to meet the constantly evolving needs set by regulations, marketing, production.

The design phase focusses on the research for modern and innovative solutions also in terms of energy-efficiency, wear-resistance and top-quality components.

All machines are assembled and tested by specialised technicians before delivery, thus remarkably reducing the installation duration.

Cartoners WACM series

mod. max speed alim.
(it depends on the product)
carton size min. carton size max
WACM12 1700 cpm 130x90x30 150x110x50
WACM15 300 cpm 150x90x30 200x120x60
WACM20 300 cpm 150x80x80 250x100x100

Main features:

  • Suitable to wrap pre-packed products having a regular shape as stock cubes, cartons, trays, coffee capsules, tins and cans, etc.
  • Infeed speed up to 1700 ppm
  • Production speed up to 25 cpm
  • Compact footprint and user-friendly machine for a single operator
  • Vertical magazine ergonomic, suitable for a wide range of formats
  • Brushless motors
  • Tool-free technology for adjustments


  • Version with interlayer sheet system
  • Solid design, certified components, low-maintenance
  • Specific engineering of all elements to ensure 100% product compliance
  • User friendly and easy programming
  • Non-compliant products rejection system with automatic control
  • Integration with vision system available
  • Bearings life-long lubrication, centralized lubrication system available on request