Cartoning machines VCM series

Vertical cartoner with continuous motion

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Senzani cartoners VCM series is the ideal solution for the Customers aiming at combining low/average production speed with cutting-edge technology.

VCM series perfectly meets the typical third-party production needs, that is to say versatility, flexibility, compactness, ease of use.
Format change operations are made quick and easy thanks to the tool-free technology and the use of modern techniques to simplify the adjustments. A dedicated tutorial to guide the operator step by step is also available, in order to avoid errors and speed up the operations.

The selection of components aims at ensuring great reliability and durability. It also allows the machine adaptation to new formats, which may vary in time to meet the constantly evolving needs set by regulations, marketing, production.
The cartons produced are both top quality and perfectly shaped. Senzani abides by strict manufacturing standard and precision is the guideline in all elements setup and tuning during the test phase and production start-up with the Customer.

Schema della macchina

The lengthened versions allow the installation and integrated management of multiple product infeed systems, gadgets/items insertion devices, markers, barcode readers and much more.

With an eye towards waste reduction, Senzani expertise offers smart functions for product and carton handling during the filling and closing phases, resulting in a positive impact on the investment return. In case of product missing in the infeed flow, the Senzani “no product/no carton” function prevents the relevant cartons from being picked, so to avoid carton rejection and glue use/waste. Furthermore, in case of machine stop-in-phase, the upper and lower flaps closing stations complete their operations, ensuring glue application and drying with no product and carton waste.
The design phase focusses on the research for modern and innovative solutions also in terms of energy-efficiency, wear-resistance and top-quality components.
All machines are assembled and tested by specialised technicians before delivery, thus remarkably reducing the installation duration.

Cartoners VCM series models

mod. speed max cpm carton
size min
size max
nr. funnels nr. carton holders
VCM3 75 60x30x140 290x105x370 3 15
VCM4 100 60x30x140 220x80x330 4 20
VCM5 125 60x30x140 180x80x330 5 25
VCM6 150 60x30x140 220x105x370 6 21

Main features :

  • Production speed up to 150 cpm – in continuous motion
  • Tool-free technology for adjustments
  • Carton holders and funnels with quick-release and tool-free technology
  • Monobloc carton holders in aluminium anticorodal 6082” UNI9006/4 for perfect cartons handling
  • Parts in contact with the product in stainless steel
  • Funnels with Bancollan cover for fragile products
  • Positive handling of the cartons in the picking and set-up phases and wide range of available carton formats
  • Product infeed system with volumetric dosing, scales, augers or counting equipment
  • Cartons magazine: ergonomic, fitted with low level alert, manual or motorized support surface adjustments, programmable on the operator panel according to the formats
  • Automatic cartons infeed speed according to line speed
  • Suitable to perform all flaps closing sequences, VCM ensures tightness of the carton to prevent product leakage
  • Colour touch screen display
  • User friendly and easy programming, reduced energy consumption
  • Non-compliant products rejection system with automatic control
  • Food grade, washable stainless steel and anti-corrosion treated versions available
  • Electrical vacuum pump: low-maintenance and low-energy demanding, ensuring high performances
  • All PLC platforms are available (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider)