TLCM series

Top-load cartoner from flat blank

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TLCM series is Senzani top-load solution to fill cartons from flat blank with products in a given configuration. The concept is mainly grounded on flexibility, strength and reliability, along with the use of modern and innovative technology. Thanks to this combination, Senzani machinery ranks amongst the most efficient and cutting edge on the market.

Being modular, TLCM cartoners adapt to the different types of products such as coffee capsules, doypacks, pouches, flowpacks, tubes and to various configurations in the carton.

To ensure high-speed production, Senzani’s specialization, the machinery relies on multiple transfer and filling stations, cartons formation and closing systems, all designed according to the specific product and its configuration in the single units.  All movements are simultaneous and the functions are easily programmable on the operator panel. Despite the range of Senzani solutions to match various applications is extremely wide, all machines have a trait in common: the great care devoted to products and cartons, to ensure integrity and compliance of the final package.

Quick and easy format change operations, Lexan protective barriers to allow visibility and access to all parts, compact and modern footprint, ergonomics: all these features are nowadays essential in the machinery production and the TLCM series combines them all.

Format change operations are made quick and easy thanks to the tool-free technology and the use of modern techniques to simplify the adjustments. A dedicated tutorial to guide the operator step by step is also available, in order to avoid errors and speed up the operation.

The selection of components aims at ensuring great reliability and durability. It also allows the machine adaptation to new formats, which may vary in time to meet the constantly evolving needs set by regulations, marketing, production.

The design phase focusses on the research for modern and innovative solutions also in terms of energy-efficiency, wear-resistance and top-quality components.

All machines are assembled and tested by specialised technicians before delivery, thus remarkably reducing the installation duration.

Cartoners TLCM series

mod. max speed alim. max output speed carton size max
TLCM20 200 20 280x480x300
TLCM30 300 30 280x480x300
TLCM40 400 40 280x480x300
TLCM60 600 60 200x480x200

Main features:

  • Infeed speed up to 600/min depending on the product type and dimensions
  • Production speed up to 60 cartons/min
  • Compact footprint and user-friendly machine, only requires one single operator
  • Vertical cartons magazine ergonomic and suitable for a wide range of formats
  • Brushless motors
  • Pick&Place filling with delta robot, Scara, Fanuc or Cartesians
  • Tool-free technology for format change adjustments
  • Version with interlayer sheet handling available


  • Engineering of all elements to ensure 100% product compliance
  • Simple and user-friendly programming
  • Non-compliant products rejection with automatic control
  • Vision system integration
  • Bearings, ball-recirculating runners and oscillating balls bearing lifetime lubrication, a centralized lubrication system is available on request
  • Low power consumption
  • Electrical vacuum pump (not Venturi), highly efficient, low-maintenance and low-power demanding