HCM series

Horizontal cartoner

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Senzani HCM series is the ideal solution for the horizontal filling of pre-glued cartons.

Senzani offers a wide range of machinery to meet the various demands arising from all product sectors and to handle cartons of any size.

Expert engineers working on the machinery and the use of innovative technology provide the ground for the production of our equipment.
As a result, Senzani cartoners reach the highest production speed, ensure great efficiency, reliability and product integrity.

The products infeed system relies on a chain with adjustable teeth so that the cartoner receives a homogeneous inflow and can keep up with high-speed upstream production. A picking turret, fitted with suction cups on its arms and connected to a vacuum pump, takes care of the cartons extraction and positioning in the carton holders, in index or continuous motion.  A system of pushers proceeds to the product insertion into the carton and the filling process results both delicate and precise even at a high speed, always preserving intactness and quality.

Format change operations are made quick and easy thanks to the tool-free technology and the use of modern techniques to simplify the adjustments. A dedicated tutorial to guide the operator step by step is also available, in order to avoid errors and speed up the operations.

The strict selection of components aims at ensuring great reliability and durability. It also allows the machine adaptation to new formats, which may vary in time to meet the constantly evolving needs set by regulations, marketing, production.

The design phase focusses on the research for modern and innovative solutions also in terms of energy-efficiency, wear-resistance and top-quality components.
All machines are assembled and tested by specialised technicians before delivery, thus remarkably reducing the installation duration.

Cartoners HCM series

mod. max production speed carton size min. carton size max
HCM15 WITH INDEX MOTION 15 cpm 180X80X300 150x110x50
120 cpm 180X80X330 200x120x60

Main features:

  • Production speed up to 120 cpm – in continuous motion
  • Tool-free technology for adjustment operations
  • Stainless steel parts in contact with the product
  • Positive handling of the carton in picking and set-up phases
  • Product infeed using a pocket conveyor belt
  • Production of an extremely wide range of formats
  • Cartons magazine: ergonomic, with cartons low level alert, cartons support surface adjustment by hand-wheel


  • Suitable to perform all flaps closing sequences
  • Colour touch screen display
  • User friendly and easy programming
  • Non-compliant products rejection system with automatic control
  • Food grade, washable stainless steel and anti-corrosion treated versions available
  • Bearings lifetime lubrication, centralized lubrication system available on request
  • Low power consumption, also thanks to the use of vacuum pump