The whole variety of Senzani’s portfolio at Pack Expo

The whole variety of Senzani’s portfolio at Pack Expo 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Pack Expo International in Chicago, one of the main worldwide events for the packaging sector and the related automatic technologies, has been a great success for Senzani Brevetti. The huge amount of visitors could see our latest and most innovative solutions designed for international customers and partners. 

Case packers, vertical cartoning machines, primary and secondary packaging; Senzani’s range of products is extremely varied and can meet the needs of customers working in very different sectors, from food to tobacco to personal care and is therefore confirmed to be a player at an international level, thanks to the ability to supply complete lines and customized solutions.

Senzani staff wishes to thank, along with agents and partners, all the visitors attending our booth at Pack Expo and hope that new and fruitful relationships may start from such meetings.