Automatic format change: innovative technology for top performances

Automatic format change: innovative technology for top performances 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

A long and fruitful relation with the customer, brought about to study new performing, and specifically targeted solutions which led to the creation of the Senzani Brevetti revolutionary packaging line for pasta. The main features of the new IVFB-10 cartoning machine with cutting-edge technology, are versatility, production speed and precision.

The machine can pack up to 250 cartons per minute of short-cut pasta, and its impressive, 3D format change takes less than 5 minutes, thanks to 25 special servomotors, integrated in a 55 motorizations architecture. This solution allows the customer to easily select and process more than 1000 format combinations.

The machine answers the demands of a leading pasta corporation that has chosen Senzani Brevetti for 50 years. The customer wanted to meet the needs of the new just-in-time distribution system, and the machine technology evolved through research and development activities which the customer and Senzani shared, leading to a parallel growth. Senzani Brevetti accepted and met this challenge, confirming that the company is the right partner for business.