0MNIA conquers Cellini: the company chooses Senzani packaging lines once again

0MNIA conquers Cellini: the company chooses Senzani packaging lines once again 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

The collaboration between Cellini Caffè and Senzani Brevetti continues: the first one is among the main brands in the Premium coffee sector both in Italy and abroad, where it is sold in over 35 countries; the latter is a company producing automatic packaging machines, that has, for several years, been chosen as a qualified partner and is now supplying a new complete line for ordered packaging of aluminium coffee capsules, which is going to join the two already purchased by Cellini in 2015.

What convinced the company was Senzani’s technological leadership and 20 years’ experience in the sector, well embodied by 0MNIA, the revolutionary all-in-one cartoner for ordered packaging of coffee capsules in all possible configurations and types of boxes.

To be more specific, the 0MNIA model chosen by Cellini can process up to 60 boxes with “honeycomb” sheet and about 600 Nespresso® compatible aluminium capsules per minute, handling of the interlayer and of the spacing sheets included. This model can handle 3 different box sizes and the format changeover is extremely intuitive and quick (30 minutes), which confirms the machine’s great versatility. In addition to that, there are the technical solutions designed and patented to treat aluminium capsules with the utmost care: the capsules are guided along their entire path, do not have the possibility of bumping into each other and are inserted into the box by a specially designed head equipped with suction cups. Moreover, 0MNIA’s small footprint makes this machine the ideal solution for a modern production plant.

The packaging line, already up and running at the Genoa-Bolzaneto Cellini plant, is completed by a wrap-around case packer (CPWA6) that can produce up to 6 cases per minute in as many formats as there are for the cartoner.