Visiting Senzani plant… virtually

Visiting Senzani plant… virtually 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

As we witness the main exhibitions postponement and the major limitations to travel options abroad (for technicians and sales managers alike), Senzani Brevetti proves once again to be ready to meet the newest challenges.

The company has launched a format of online events to present the latest solutions produced, streaming online from the factory to offer a “virtual open house”. Participants from all over the world can attend from remote in real time and enjoy a presentation made by Senzani staff, see the machines running and ask questions to the technicians. All this was is possible thanks to the partnership with a team which provideds a dedicated platform, granting a particularly stable video streaming at high resolution (4K) for a prefect viewing from any latitude.

Amongst the event protagonists, a new solution was presented: TP30, a form & fill cartoning machine for from flat blank for coffee capsules packaging (namely aluminium Nespresso compatibles). Just to give a hint, the solution is innovative, the layout is compact and the machine can treat a wide range of configurations (single or multilayer, with or without honeycomb sheet, alternated, etc.), always ensuring the greatest care for the product and the easiest access for operators during the colour-driven format change adjustments.

The event, which captured the participants’ attention and interest, will be held again so to present the new solutions designed to meet the needs of wide range of market sectors, from tobacco to food.

For further info on the event and the TP30 presentation, feel free to get in touch with us!