Tobacco corporations choose Senzani horizontal cartoners

Tobacco corporations choose Senzani horizontal cartoners 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Senzani’s know-how and expertise in tobacco applications and the high level of customisation the company engineers offer: this combination keeps giving great results on the international market.

One the latest supplies was intended for a well-known corporation and a long-standing Senzani partner. The tobacco company was looking for a new solution for a production plant in Turkey dedicated to duty-free products. The machine, already delivered and installed, is a horizontal cartoner mod. CMH, an extremely compact and versatile solution handling a specific carton format to pack cigarette bundles.

The machine is a customised solution with special technical features. It handles the bundles, rotates them to vertically insert the products into the carton and closes the pack without hot-melt glue, flaps are tucked-in. The machine is equipped with an independent double magazine to allow the operator the new cartons loading without working cycle interruptions.

The specific features we listed, the compact footprint and the ease-of-use made the CMH the ideal solution for an articulated repacking plant. After a few months, the Customer’s satisfaction has led to a further demand of the machine model, other CMHs are about to be delivered in another plant, in Europe.