Senzani Wrap-Around case packers land in India

Senzani Wrap-Around case packers land in India 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Innovation, increase in packaging process efficiency, performance improvement, cost reduction: many reasons can lead to choosing Senzani solutions, wrap-around case packers in particular. This line of machines paved Senzani’s way to access India, a growing and strategic market.

Asian Paints, an important paint producer, has chosen Senzani machinery for two Indian factories. The machines will place different formats of paint buckets in cases in different configuration.

For this customer, Senzani engineered a quick and easy format change and a particular picking head fitted with “zero gravity” system, which slightly lifts the buckets to place them (already in line) on the flat blank, preventing the product from stumbling and rubbing on the flat blank. Wrap around case packers are also equipped with an automatic feeding system for flat blanks load with LGV shuttles. Via modem, the machines can be connected to the company software, exchanging information and data relevant for the production process and supply chain management and to Senzani technical department for remote assistance.

This kind of solutions, designed to be interfaced with primary packaging machinery and end-of-line equipment, perfectly matches with Asian Paints’ new factories and highly automated contexts.