Senzani’s web communication revamped

Senzani’s web communication revamped 800 449 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

In a time when web communication is more and more important for a business, Senzani Brevetti has decided to further invest on this aspect, with the implementation of new tools and the optimization of the pre-existing ones.  First of all, the main communication channel, the corporate website, went under a restyling which involved the homepage specifically: the new dynamic structure is aimed to gain more visibility for the recent news, so that the reader’s attention may focus on the company’s latest novelties, also thanks to large, high-quality pictures. In addition to this, the website overall structure includes 3 language versions (Italian, English and Spanish) and some functional actions for SEO research and implementation. Last but not least, Senzani Brevetti consolidated their presence online across the social media channels, with a Google+ profile which now integrates the already existing LinkedIn corporate page; the profile provides the company’s basic information, together with a presentation of the main products and services offered.