Senzani’s machineries: destination azores islands

Senzani’s machineries: destination azores islands 800 449 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

A Senzani Brevetti’s cartoning machine is heading to the Azores islands. The system has been commissioned by Sinaga, a historical sugar-producing company of the archipelago off in the Atlantic Ocean.   The company, almost a century of history and a hundred employees, requested a machinery for the packaging of sugar sachets; the relevant choice was the CM-IM (intermitted motion) vertical cartoner (Ve.Ca.), which made Senzani land for the first time in this autonomous region of Portugal.  Once installed, the machine will be interfaced – generating  a proper integrated system – with a packaging machine manufactured by MF from Tavullia (PU), Italy, that fills and seals the sachets;  these are then dropped into the CM-IM through funnels and inserted in the folding cartons. The peculiarity of the system lies in the filling modality, which Senzani and MF technical departments designed together, in order to avoid installing an external counting machine; the counting of the sachets is carried out electronically through signals interchange between the machines. The CM-IM machine works in intermitted motion and specifically at single steps, so the machine stops at every step to receive the required quantity of product to fill the cartons; thanks to this system, it may handle up to 40 cartons per minute, with great precision and efficiency.