Senzani’s history at the confindustria festival

Senzani’s history at the confindustria festival 800 449 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Senzani took part in the first Industry and Enterprise Values Festival, promoted by Confindustria Ravenna for its 70th anniversary.  Many initiatives involved the associated businesses in the area of Ravenna, Faenza, Lugo, along the coast and in the province. It was a good chance to think about the importance of enterprises, to meet and share and also to enjoy a photo exhibition hosted in the Flags Room of Faenza Municipality, where Senzani stood out.  The images, showing the excellences of the local enterprises, featured many historical photos of Senzani Brevetti and its 60-year activity: from the roots of the business created by Iro Senzani, through the firm development. A path that underlined a solid bond with tradition combined with the research for innovative solution to provide customers with.