Senzani receives the Giustiniano Impresa Award

Senzani receives the Giustiniano Impresa Award 800 449 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

The Giustiniano Impresa award is an acknowledgement honoring those people who, thanks to their commitment, achieved a particular prestige in terms of human talent in the entrepreneurial sector. Such figures are real captains, representing the productive activities of their territory at a national level. The Giustiniano Impresa award was funded in 2010 in Ravenna and this year went to Mrs. Luisa Quadalti Senzani

The award is a confirmation of the importance and value of Senzani Brevetti SpA, a business deeply rooted in the territory and at the same time a worldwide player in the packaging sector. The firm is able to ensure the continuity of the entrepreneurial genius of its funder, Mr. Iro Senzani. Such important legacy is in the hands of the funder’s successors and relies on their commitment and passion, Mrs. Luisa Quadalti Senzani in the first place.

One of the keys to Senzani Brevetti’s international success is actually the mix of tradition and ongoing innovation, now acknowledged by the Giustiniano Impresa award organizers as well.