Packaging, the future is ever more green and plastic-free

Packaging, the future is ever more green and plastic-free 860 488 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

The recent European Directive banning the use of some single-use plastic products (plates, forks, etc.) is a further step in the renewed effort toward real environmental sustainability goals. We are all increasingly aware the future of our planet depends on this.

The incentives for the industrial sector to develop less polluting alternatives and replace plastic packaging are some of the measures the EU (and other institutions) are putting in place to drastically reduce plastic use. The European Commission stated 80% of sea pollution is in fact caused by plastics. Clearly, due to its slow decomposition, plastic accumulates in the environment, affecting the food chain and causing great damage for animal and consequently human health.

In this frame, Senzani supports companies willing to be greener and offers automatic packaging solutions like vertical cartoners, which insert products (loose or already packed) in cardboard cartons. Sustainability is an important criteria that companies shall take into account when choosing their primary and secondary packaging, paying great attention to the use of packaging from recycled materials, as paper and cardboard.

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