Detergent powder, a secondary packaging solution in Brazil

Detergent powder, a secondary packaging solution in Brazil 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Senzani machines keep recording the international market interest and appreciation. The positive reactions come from both new customers and long-lasting partners who have experienced the Senzani’s high quality solutions. One of the most recent supplies involved a Brazilian group that produces household detergents, recording a substantial growth in the detergent powder segment.

The Brazilian firm has been one of Senzani’s partners for a long time, but this was the first demand for a secondary packaging solution. Senzani supplied a CP25 side-load case packer to be integrated with a IVFS-10 vertical cartoning machine, to make-up a complete Senzani Brevetti line.

CP25 means speed: it can handle up to 25 cases per minute, thanks to the large case magazine, and subsequent loading capacity. Per the customers request, the machine can handle different carton formats, ranging from 0.5 to 2kg.  It has a compact design, and is a fully electronic and silent machine, thanks to its servomotors.

Following this supply, the partnership will proceed with upgrades of solutions already provided in the past, according to the specific customer’s demands. This confirms Senzani is a real partner for development.