“You think, we pack”: total customisation with Senzani

“You think, we pack”: total customisation with Senzani 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Designing and manufacturing specific and customised packaging machines for different product sectors, taking into account the production targets or marketing and sales needs of its customers as well: as of today, this is one of Senzani’s main distinctive traits, truly making the company the perfect development partner for food producers (e.g. working in the pasta, coffee and confectionery sector) as well as tobacco, detergent and petfood producers.

The ability to understand the customer’s needs and meet them with tailor-made technological solutions is at the heart of the new “You think, we pack” campaign: the slogan aims at declaring Senzani’s market positioning, while the high-impact images depicting subjects like a bear or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which, by their nature, would be impossible to pack, and which have instead been packed, symbolise the challenging projects to which Senzani engineers and technicians find suitable solutions on a daily basis.

Conceived by Integra Solutions, a communications and marketing agency with a long-standing partnership with Senzani, the campaign was unveiled as a preview during the latest edition of the IPACK-IMA fair, where, with its bright colours adorning the company’s stand, it caught the attention of visitors while a video-ledwall brought the concept to life, showing the packaging of everyday products alternating with ‘impossible’ subjects.

The ‘You think, we pack’ campaign will continue to accompany Senzani for the coming months, with new communication initiatives involving the company and its partners.