Coffee capsules: solutions for the entire packaging process

Coffee capsules: solutions for the entire packaging process 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Reliability, high performances and flexibility have always been Senzani’s key qualities. The company devotes continuous attention to such aspects, which are nowadays indispensable to meet the needs of the growing and demanding coffee capsules market. Senzani, recording a production of more than 3 billion cartons, offers complete and turnkey solutions to handle the entire packaging process, from cartoning and case packing to palletizing.

The CM/CMX and TP series excel in terms of performances. The CM handles up to 70 pre-glued cartons and 1200 capsules per minute, the CMX series handles up to 150 cartons and 2400 capsules per minute, allowing the insertion of loose capsules in the carton and the creation of multi-flavor mixes (e.g. combining milk and coffee capsules or different coffee blends). The TP series handles up to 62 cartons from flat blank and 670 capsules per minute, inserting nested capsules in the carton with different configurations. One single operator can easily manage the machine, with a subsequent reduction in terms of time and costs. All these series ensure a perfect carton squareness and the possibility to print on all 6 surfaces of the box.

Senzani solutions can handle different types of capsules (DolceGusto, Nespresso, K-cup, A modo mio) and be custom-tailored according to each customer’s specific needs. Senzani’s targeted offer is based on the work of a specialized team of project managers who accompany the customer through all the project phases.