Senzani’s Assistance is… SMART

Senzani’s Assistance is… SMART 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Senzani sets the double target a continuous remote assistance and a more effective monitoring on the installed machines to improve the plant production efficiency and the perfect tool the company offers today is the new platform SMART.

SMART (Senzani Machine Analysis Remote Technology) is a tool based on a sophisticated artificial intelligence which allows to check the machinery state directly from a PC, tablet or smartphone. Through a device installed on Senzani solution, the platform collects, elaborates, aggregates and filters (based on the production line or working shift, for example) and organises the data relevant for the efficiency in real time. All data are shown in an intuitive way on customised dashboards for the different users’ types (production manager, maintenance manager, operator, Senzani engineer, etc.).

Each user can check the machine operativity parameters of interest to improve the efficiency (down-time reduction) and get the best from time and resources, thanks to the energy consumption monitoring and the inefficiencies analysis.

SMART is a scalable system composed of 6 different modules, independent and complementary and also allows for the data sharing via cloud so that Senzani engineers can continuously monitor the production lines, providing a real remote assistance service.

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