A year celebrating Senzani’s 70th anniversary

A year celebrating Senzani’s 70th anniversary 2560 1707 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

How to sum up the core messages of Senzani’s 70th anniversary? Ongoing technological innovation and a strong bond with the local territory.

The celebrations started during Interpack, the main international trade fair for the packaging industry. The exhibition was the occasion for Senzani to unveil Origami, its new generation of cartoners, and to get together with its network of agents, partners and clients from all over the world with dedicated meetings and events.

The other festive event was held in Faenza, the city where the company has been based ever since the very beginning, and which has been severely affected by floodings earlier this year. One more reason for Senzani to finish this intense and in some respects emotionally challenging year with an event involving all employees and co-workers, local institutions, stakeholders and suppliers, also largely from the local region.

Have a look at the photogallery to relive the evening with us!