A “special star” prize for senzani’s catalogue

A “special star” prize for senzani’s catalogue 800 449 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

The jury of Mediastars (technical prize for advertisement) has awarded the latest Senzani Brevetti catalogue with one “Special Star” for creative Direction.
This business tool, which was considered within the Corporate Identity section in 2011’s edition of the competition, was designed and manufactured by Integra Solutions, communication partner of Senzani since 2009.
Through a precise symbology and a colour-based coding, the catalogue highlights Senzani Brevetti’s four product lines, Case Packers, Vertical Cartoners, Top-load Manipulators and Automation of Complete Packaging and Logistics and the relevant ancillary equipment that makes up the company’s production.
The precious metallic outer cover recalls the materiality and sturdiness of Senzani’s machines.
Implemented in three languages, this catalogue represents an effective tool in the hand of the sales team and holds a place among the various elements of the renewed sales and marketing strategy undertaken by the company in the last two years; together with the website, the newsletter and the company video.