A new line to pack homecare products

A new line to pack homecare products 800 449 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

A few weeks ago, in Germany the plant facility of a European holding company, which specialises in detergents, hosted the installation of a new Senzani solution. It is a continuation of past commissions demanded to the leading business of cartoning machines of Emilia Romagna. The supply consists of a de-palletiser integrated with a vertical cartoner CMX8. The line was engineered to meet the specific demands of the client in terms of capacity, speed and versatility, depending on the quantity and type of processed packs. The de-palletising system through a SCARA arm picks HS open cases filled with pre-glued skillet cartons from a pallet, and loads them onto an automatic magazine which directly feeds the vertical cartoner. Thanks to special timing hoppers, the Senzani Ve.Ca., which is perfectly synchronised with the dishwasher tablet counter, delivers the product into the cartons, granting high-level production performances. The equipment was engineered and custom built, with a high degree of personalisation, to handle up to 20 format changes and produce up to 180 cartons per minute. Requiring the intervention of a single operator, the whole process keeps going with an almost complete automation. The perfect integration between the machines and the synergy of the packing phases ensure such a procedure to meet the demands of a productive process operating 24 hours a day on multiple shifts.