Also Chile chooses Senzani packaging solutions

Also Chile chooses Senzani packaging solutions 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

What led Tresmontes Luchetti, a Chilean company in the agri-food sector with over a century of history and today part of Nutresa Group, one of the leading food producers in Latin America, to the decision of internalising its production process was the combination of technical solution, performance and precision in product handling.

For its first approach to secondary packaging, which was previously completely outsourced, Tresmontes chose to rely on Senzani, whose design engineers, given the peculiarity of the product (a food supplement powder), developed a custom technological solution capable of handling the small sachets and orienting them to perfectly fill the large cases intended for supermarket shelves.

The solution being supplied is a CPWA6, a wrap-around case packer capable of processing up to 300 sachets per minute from two infeed lanes connected to two filling machines. Despite their light weight and small size, the sachets are precisely inserted into 90-piece or 130-piece cases, filling them perfectly. To do this, a dedicated system to check sachet orientation has been designed. The sachets are then grouped together and rotated by 180° to help the powder distribute evenly inside them, thus giving them the correct volume to fill the cases with the required quantity, leaving no room for error. This innovative system is combined with the “clean design” that nowadays characterises Senzani wrap-around machines, and an ergonomic design to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations, with quick-release belts and solutions for easy format changeover.

This machine, the first one ever in Senzani’s history to be supplied to Chile, convinced the customer so much that before it had even been shipped another one had already been requested, also for the Valparaíso plant.