Sport and territory, Senzani teams up

Sport and territory, Senzani teams up 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Rekico Raggisolaris Faenza, men’s basket team currently playing in B League, visited Senzani production plant, an exciting morning spent at the company’s headquarters, which has been the team sponsor for 4 years now.

Senzani management welcomed the players, managers and technical staff and offered them the chance to take a closer look at the machinery production and innovative packaging solutions meant to be exported in the 5 continents, to meet many brands’ and multinationals’ needs and promote Faenza worldwide.

Senzani Brevetti has always been deeply rooted to the territory (where the production plant is based), and the partnership with Rekico confirms the company’s bond with the town and its interest in promoting sport as a social glue (hundreds of spectators gather every weekend to attend the team matches). Along its 65 years of history, Senzani has promoted very many initiatives, also well beyond the economic and productive sectors, namely in cultural and solidarity fields.