Senzani in the world: The Spanish market

Senzani in the world: The Spanish market 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Our journey to introduce the partners representing Senzani in the world continues. We are about to meet Mr. Vicente Alluè (Representaciones Alluè), to approach the features and evolution of the Spanish market.


Which are the main features of your reference market?

We work in a variety of sectors ranging from detergents/chemical to tobacco and from food to coffee and tea. I think the main feature is the continuous evolution of products and packaging, leading customers to demand cutting-edge technologies for their increasing and new production. In our experience, Senzani is a leader in packaging solutions for coffee, detergents and pasta, the company offers products which perfectly suit other sectors as well, such as pet food and confectionary.


What type of clientele do you target?

In the coffee sector, out interlocutors are the main companies operating in the Spanish and foreign market (especially exporting to North America) with a massive production. As for the food and pet food sector, we get in touch with the main corporations that often have their headquarter and production sites in Spain. In the chemical sector (detergents, etc.), Senzani is already a technological leader for many customers, this means our core activities consist in keeping the customer relationship, setting up new production lines, offering upgrades and new formats working with the After Sales Dept. We also work with GDO Mercadona group, triggering most of Spanish projects in almost all sectors.


How did you meet Senzani and why have you chosen the company as a partner?

The demand for capsules packaging solutions, a new challenge for the coffee producers themselves, spurred me to look for an experienced and reliable partner. Senzani has been manufacturing Dolce Gusto capsules cartoning machines for decades now and we got in touch. Together we started working to realise the potential of Senzani machinery range for both primary and secondary packaging in the market.


How do Senzani solutions prove to be competitive in your market?

We offer a valuable product with a cutting-edge technology for coffee producers, we are therefore confident in our competitiveness in many other sectors as well. Senzani has important international reference and this should be a plus and a real advantage.


What does Senzani brand mean in your area?

Extensive experience, reliable products, qualified staff and specialised engineers, ready to work on any project.


Three words your market defines Senzani with:

Experience, Quality, Flexibility.


What feedbacks have Senzani solutions received so far?

Coffee and detergent sectors have given most of feedbacks, but Senzani machinery has also drawn the attention of other sectors (food, died fruit, candies, pet food, etc.). That’s why we’re confident that we’ll achieve very good results.


How would you rate the launch of this partnership?

The results speak for themselves: in 2 years we’ve installed 9 packaging lines in the coffee sector. The signs of interest we receive from the main market players we visited are the grounds for further accomplishments.