Secondary packaging: the latest news for the pasta industry (and many others)

Secondary packaging: the latest news for the pasta industry (and many others) 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

For Senzani, the latest Virtual Open House has been an occasion to show to the many participants from all over the world the most recent solutions for secondary packaging. In particular, the protagonist of this event was the new CPWA12 wrap-around case packer, which has been made for a production plant in Russia of a major player in the pasta industry.

Able to handle a infeed of up to 100 boxes per minute and to produce up to 12 cases per minute, this machine is perfect to handle double block bottom bags filled with short pasta. But, thanks to their extreme flexibility as far as formats are concerned, wrap-around case packers are nowadays being used, in the pasta industry as well as in many others, for the secondary packaging of sachets (e.g. sauces), cartons, doypacks and tins/cans.

The easy handling for the operator, the quick and tool-free format changeover, and the small footprint (5 x 3.5 metres) make the CPWA12 the ideal solution for a modern production plant: robust but at the same time able to handle incoming bags with the utmost care through a race-track system, it represents an interesting choice for companies not only in the food sector.

In fact, wrap-around packaging has nowadays become the most popular wrapping choice at all levels, as it is a pack that acts as a display in the shop as well, thanks to a lid that can be torn off before placing the case directly on the shelf: this system really is a valuable ally in the “in store” marketing and communication strategy.