16 September 2014

Senzani brevetti leadership in the sector of packaging machineries for pasta further consolidated


In the next few months, the company from Faenza (Ra) - Italy, will deliver a number of systems to the Barilla manufacturing plants, both in Italy and abroad; innovative and high-performing solutions, in the path of a 50-year business partnership.

Faenza (Ra) September 16, 2014 – Pasta packaging historically represents one of the strenghts of Senzani Brevetti, Faenza (Ra) - Italy, leader company of the automatic packaging technologies industry and for cartoners for pasta, in particular; some relevant orders received in 2014 both from the domestic and international markets further prove and enhance this business vocation.

Among those, Barilla, in a business partnership with the Faenza company for almost fifty years now, recently placed some new orders for new machineries destined to their domestic and international production plants, all of which to be completed and delivered in the next few months and including:

  • a full line for short shaped pasta, consisting in a IVFX8-S vertical cartoner and a CP25 case packer, the combination of which results in a perfectly integrated system, processing up to 200 cartons per minute;
  • one additional CP25 case packer, collecting 180 packages per minute, coming from three different machineries for the packaging of long shaped pasta and inserting them into American cases: this is possible thanks to a special (fully mechanical) system conveying three outfeeds to a single exit, and together with the positive opening of the case and a wide magazine (allowing a long interval for the loading of empty units), makes it a high performing and reliable tool;
  • a new IVFB-10 vertical cartoner, processing up to 260 cartons per minute: this machinery features an automatic size change (guaranteeing great versatility in terms of typology and carton) and is characterized by up-to-date solutions, such as brushless motors and the most recent automation platforms, together with other typical extra features, like the NPU system, for the cartons positive opening (a Senzani patent) allowing for the utmost reliability of the system even at high speed.

As a matter of fact, the mix of innovation and a 60-year experience in the production of packaging machineries and systems -especially automatic machines for the forming and sealing of cardboard cartons- represents nowadays the added value of Senzani Brevetti, world-renowned as a solid business partner.

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22 April 2014

Senzani Brevetti at interpack with the new DI.PA. line


The two state of the art Display and Tray Packers will be Senzani Brevetti's flagships on display at Interpack, the international trade fair for processes and packaging, held in Duesseldorf, Germany, next May 8-14: technological excellence as a guarantee for complete reliability and adherence to the Customers' requirements. 

Faenza (Ra) 22 April 2014 – Senzani Brevetti's innovations at Interpack, the international trade fair for processes and packaging, held in Duesseldorf, Germany, next May 8-14.

The new Di.Pa line will be the core focus of the corporate exhibition space (Hall 14, Stand 14C30): the two Display and Tray Packers (DP60 and TP40) will show the attendees and the industry professionals the level of innovation achieved and the ability to manage both existing technologies, in terms of display-packaging machineries. In fact, DP60 is a wrap-around (where the display is modelled around the product), while TP40 is based on the form and fill technology, where the display is pre-shaped to be filled with product. Senzani is now able to offer a choice between these options, based on the product to be processed, therefore guaranteeing complete adherence to the Customers' requirements.

The two machines also feature a high processing speed, a minimal footprint and a great versatility: in fact, several kinds of packaging of different sizes can be processed: cartons, trays/displays (both machines) and sleeves (DP60). This makes the machines suitable to be employed in various industry sectors, ranging from food to tobacco, to hygiene products.

This is clear, considering the first orders received for these lines and developed during the past year: DP 60 has already been delivered to some important companies such as the Serbian Carnex, operating in the food industry in Eastern Europe; Melitta USA, a branch office of the German group specialized in the production of coffee in any forms (loose, pods, capsules); TP40 can count among its first customers companies such as McBride, one of the main European producers of personal and household hygiene products and Heinz, the American multinational agro-food company.

Thanks to these products, the company is up to the tradeshow and the market expectations, always in search for high-performing solutions to keep the maximum flexibility when it comes to the Customers' needs.

Not only will the exhibition area display machineries, but also a brand new set of communication tools, which Senzani continues to implement, together along with the excellence of the technologies offered, which are the focus of the new video, recently shot and to be launched at Interpack. The spotlight is centred on innovation over the time, the extreme reliability and solidity of the company on the one hand and the future-oriented perspective on the other.  The video is part of a project representing the totality of Senzani product categories and constitutes the very core of the corporate communication campaign for 2014.

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11 February 2014

Senzani brevetti cartoning machines land in scandinavia


For the second time in the past two years, the company from Faenza is fulfilling an order by a major international group in the confectionery and baking industry. The machinery is a CM4, a 4-division-cartoner processing traditional and gable-top cartons with extreme ease of switching from one typology to the other.      

Faenza (Ra) February 11, 2014 – The year 2013 and the celebrations for the company's 60th anniversary ended up with a new, important international order for Senzani Brevetti, the company from Faenza (Ra) - Italy, once again proving themselves as a prominent international player in the automatic packaging technology sector.           

A CM4 vertical cartoner was delivered at the end of last year to a Finnish group, working in the confectionery and baking industry for more than a century and owning a wide network of retail shops in about ten countries over Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic Republic. The Mill Division of the group will employ this machine for the packaging of cereals (oatmeal).           

CM4 is a 4-division-cartoner processing cardboard packages in 2 sizes, traditional (parallelepiped) and gable-top. The switching between carton typologies is performed by replacing a few format parts: an extremely easy procedure which is the main success factor of the machinery. It is no coincidence that this is the second cartoner delivered to the North European company: in 2012, the Confectionery Division of the group was delivered a machine capable of processing up to 6 different formats, from gusset to gable-top. Moreover, CM4 can handle 50 cartons per minute and features a volumetric product dosing system through adjustable cups.

  Senzani's 60-year experience in the production of packaging machineries and systems -among which the automatic machines for the forming and sealing of cardboard cartons play a crucial role- couples with constant innovation, which is at the basis of all the company's manufactures, making it a solid and reliable parter all over the world.

For further information www.senzani.com.
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