07 June 2010

Senzani bets on packology


The leading company in the market of case packers and cartoning machines brings its modular end-of-line solutions to the Fiera di Rimini.

Faenza (Ravenna) 8 June 2010 –The Gruppo Senzani, a leading player in the industrial packaging sector, is present at the first edition of Packology in Rimini.
The exposition, scheduled from Tuesday 8 to Friday 11 June, organised by UCIMA and Rimini Fiera, will bring together all the innovations from the world of packaging, attracting companies from Italy and abroad, also thanks to a partnership signed with the American PMMI.
From its consolidated position on the market for over fifty years thanks to its cartoning machines, case packers, pick&place systems and complete lines, the Romagna-based company confirms itself, even in terms of strategic sales decisions and product innovation, capable of anticipating market trends and orientations. In line with this approach, Senzani has decided to present the TL2, integrated filling module with robotic arm, of the Top Pack modular line at the upcoming event. The arm, designed entirely by Senzani just less than one year age, debuts among sector operators at the fair in Rimini. To date, only a few models have been constructed, realised for applications in the food and non food sectors for flexible packaging. This type of modular solution may find its place within integrated Senzani systems, but also as a completion of pre-existing lines, thanks to its versatility, representing the ideal solution for the complete handling of any type of product and packaging.Characterised by a structure based on two independent axes, the TL2 robotic arm is ideal to pick & place rigid or flexible elements, for the insertion into trays, cases or pre-formed boxes. Machine performance meets Senzani standards: we are talking about a maximum speed of 40 cycles per minute with a load capacity of up to 50 Kg. The latest example manufactured in the Senzani plant was supplied to a Russian company in the food industry, where it is used in integration with the Senzani carton opening and closing modules to pack doypacks in American case in horizontal position. The feedback from the customer has been positive and a fifth order for the arm has already been placed, the last two precisely in the newly designed TL2 version.
With TL2 and its own end-of-line solutions, a market segment on which the company has been focusing over recent years, integrating its historically strong sectors of cartoning and side-load case packing, Senzani thus confirms the quality of its offer and its capacity to compete in a market that, now more than ever, is characterised by a growing demand for avant-garde technology.
For the company, founded by Iro Senzani and with head offices in Faenza (Ravenna), investing in Packology means creating the opportunity to meet its customers, but also to come into contact with its partners and operators, intended in the broadest sense.Drawing strength from its philosophy, dedicated to creating flexible solutions on the specific production requirements of each customer to allow for maximum performances in terms of speed in packaging, even with its most recent production, Senzani is proposing solutions that meet the challenges of today’s market.
Discover the Senzani solutions up close at the Fair in Rimini up to the 11th of June, at stand number 125, in Hall A5.

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