10 June 2019

Coffee capsules, Senzani designs Cellini group lines

Senzani Brevetti’s expertise in coffee sector attracted a new precious partnership: Cellini group. The coffee producer, with a 70-years history, owner of brands as Columbia, Filicori and Eureka, decided to pick Senzani as trusted partner to empower its presence on coffee capsules market.

Senzani worked with Cellini management since the strategic level, also playing the role of advisor, siding the customer from production target analysis to marketing and sales choices, studying the most suitable carton and format. The Group’s specific needs were the guidelines to design customized production lines.

The first machine to run in production is a CM vertical cartoner, packing Dolcegusto compatible capsules at a speed of around 35 cartons per minute for the 16 capsules format (also treating the 10 capsules format). The Senzani TP packs Nespresso compatible capsules at a speed of around 600 per minute (that is to say 60 cartons of 10 pcs each), in this case the products are manipulated by a robot to compose the carton configuration.

Senzani completes the supply with a WA wrap-around case packer for the end-of-line. The machine creates a stack of cartons according to the customer’s demand and wraps the grouping in a box. The case lid can be torn directly by the seller, to use the box base as a shelf-ready tray. This solution becomes an important tool in instore marketing strategy. Senzani confirms to be a trusted partner not only in technical terms, but also in sales and communication.

30 May 2019

Senzani around the world: The USA market

Senzani operates in many Countries and markets, all of them with different features and specific needs. For this reason, we chose to explore them relying on the opinion of those who know them better: our Agents. The journey starts from the United States, with Nico Nicoletti (IMS Group USA).


What are the industry characteristics in the USA market?

The North American packaging market is very unique because many companies still use manual labor, while the largest industry players have been using automation for years. There are many small to medium sized companies with a need to implement new technologies and automation in order to remain competitive.  The packaging needs within North American industries are constantly evolving and the need for new technology has become a necessity.


Who is your typical contact person?

This depends on the company we deal with, but typically we work with company owners, engineers, project managers, and purchasing agents.


How did you know Senzani and why did you choose them as partners?

I met Senzani’s owner, Luisa, at a Pack Expo trade show 15 years ago. I have always admired their experience, engineering, integrity, and innovative technology. I was impressed with the quality and variety of their machines, and I believed both IMS and Senzani would be able to expand our businesses in many areas of the packaging industry by working together.


How do you think Senzani’s solutions could be competitive in your market?

Senzani’s experience, engineering, machine quality and variety is the ideal solution for the growing North American market. The ability to customize machines and provide solutions with high output, flexibility and efficiency, provides a competitive edge for Senzani.


Which reputation has the Senzani brand in your area?

Senzani is a well-recognized brand in North America in many industries. They are especially established and respected within the food (pasta, coffee, etc) and tobacco industries.  Senzani can provide highly efficient custom solutions for many applications as well.


Could you maybe tell 3 adjectives that the US market associates to Senzani?

Committed, Adaptable, Honorable.


Which feedback did Senzani’s equipment get so far?

It has been IMS’ experience that the customers in North America are happy with the machine they have purchased because they are easy to operate, reliable, efficient and they have had no major issues.


What is your opinion about the start of this cooperation?

So far, IMS is very pleased to work with Senzani because we have found great synergy. We feel aligned with the future business growth and development and we share the same mission.

29 April 2019

Packaging, the future is ever more green and plastic-free

The recent European Directive banning the use of some single-use plastic products (plates, forks, etc.) is a further step in the renewed effort toward real environmental sustainability goals. We are all increasingly aware the future of our planet depends on this.

The incentives for the industrial sector to develop less polluting alternatives and replace plastic packaging are some of the measures the EU (and other institutions) are putting in place to drastically reduce plastic use. The European Commission stated 80% of sea pollution is in fact caused by plastics. Clearly, due to its slow decomposition, plastic accumulates in the environment, affecting the food chain and causing great damage for animal and consequently human health.

In this frame, Senzani supports companies willing to be greener and offers automatic packaging solutions like vertical cartoners, which insert products (loose or already packed) in cardboard cartons. Sustainability is an important criteria that companies shall take into account when choosing their primary and secondary packaging, paying great attention to the use of packaging from recycled materials, as paper and cardboard.

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22 March 2019

Sport and territory, Senzani teams up

Rekico Raggisolaris Faenza, men's basket team currently playing in B League, visited Senzani production plant, an exciting morning spent at the company's headquarters, which has been the team sponsor for 4 years now.

Senzani management welcomed the players, managers and technical staff and offered them the chance to take a closer look at the machinery production and innovative packaging solutions meant to be exported in the 5 continents, to meet many brands' and multinationals' needs and promote Faenza worldwide.

Senzani Brevetti has always been deeply rooted to the territory (where the production plant is based), and the partnership with Rekico confirms the company's bond with the town and its interest in promoting sport as a social glue (hundreds of spectators gather every weekend to attend the team matches). Along its 65 years of history, Senzani has promoted very many initiatives, also well beyond the economic and productive sectors, namely in cultural and solidarity fields.