18 November 2015

In China for the 110th anniversary of Nanyang Brothers Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the industries that Senzani has always been connected with, since this was one of the first sectors the business specialised in. Still today, after several decades, Senzani is a worldwide leader in the tobacco industry.

Over the years, many partnerships started and grew, as the one with Nanyang Brothers Tobacco, a Chinese business established in 1905, and nowadays is active, namely in the production of cigarettes, covering the whole Asian market, from China to Korea. The historical partnership started more than 40 years ago and is an ongoing opportunity for Senzani to provide innovative and customised solutions for packaging of the Nanyang’s products.

In 2015, Nanyang Brothers Tobacco celebrated an important milestone: their 110th anniversary.  Senzani could not miss this special event, which was an opportunity to renew and foster the business cooperation. A company delegation was invited to take part in the celebrations in China, where Mrs. Luisa Quadalti Senzani gave a short speech, both in English and Chinese. Go on our YouTube channel to view her speech!  

24 September 2015

Senzani helps the sport organizations of its territory

An entity deeply rooted in the territory, where it’s been constantly working since its foundation, 60 years ago. The connection between Senzani Brevetti, Faenza and the Romagna region doesn’t only involve the research, business and culture, but also sport. It is even truer since Senzani cooperates with one of the main local sport organizations, the Raggisolaris Faenza, the well-known basketball team that made it to the B series this year. Senzani Brevetti has cooperated with the team for some years now, witnessing the climb to success which started in 2006 in the First Division up to the national third-category championship. The cooperation between the team and the firm began a few years ago, aiming at supporting the sport practice in town and endorsing a healthy entity to promote the values of sport and the local area. For the incoming season, Senzani wanted to strengthen its involvement to make sure the team has all it needs to meet more challenging matches on the B series tournament. Senzani Brevetti will have its place in the court along the Players, as a sponsor. Senzani wishes the players, technical staff and management the best of luck for this new adventure!

29 July 2015

Senzani’s history at the confindustria festival

Senzani took part in the first Industry and Enterprise Values Festival, promoted by Confindustria Ravenna for its 70th anniversary.  Many initiatives involved the associated businesses in the area of Ravenna, Faenza, Lugo, along the coast and in the province. It was a good chance to think about the importance of enterprises, to meet and share and also to enjoy a photo exhibition hosted in the Flags Room of Faenza Municipality, where Senzani stood out.  The images, showing the excellences of the local enterprises, featured many historical photos of Senzani Brevetti and its 60-year activity: from the roots of the business created by Iro Senzani, through the firm development. A path that underlined a solid bond with tradition combined with the research for innovative solution to provide customers with.   

12 June 2015

Senzani welcomes kids’ curiosity

A day to remember, spent among Senzani machines: the pupils of a 4th grade of a Faenza school had the chance to live this adventure. The little apprentices spent a morning at the firm, followed by the Senzani managers and technicians step by step. The staff presented the business history, the market sector and the production phases in a funny and playful way. The unusual school-trip pushed the kids to ask many questions and triggered their imagination. The most creative students have actually fantasized about technologically advanced and futuristic machines. It was a fruitful moment of exchange with the future generations, an occasion to treasure in the full respect of the Senzani philosophy.