18 November 2015

In China for the 110th anniversary of Nanyang Brothers Tobacco

Tobacco is one of the industries that Senzani has always been connected with, since this was one of the first sectors the business specialised in. Still today, after several decades, Senzani is a worldwide leader in the tobacco industry.

Over the years, many partnerships started and grew, as the one with Nanyang Brothers Tobacco, a Chinese business established in 1905, and nowadays is active, namely in the production of cigarettes, covering the whole Asian market, from China to Korea. The historical partnership started more than 40 years ago and is an ongoing opportunity for Senzani to provide innovative and customised solutions for packaging of the Nanyang’s products.

In 2015, Nanyang Brothers Tobacco celebrated an important milestone: their 110th anniversary.  Senzani could not miss this special event, which was an opportunity to renew and foster the business cooperation. A company delegation was invited to take part in the celebrations in China, where Mrs. Luisa Quadalti Senzani gave a short speech, both in English and Chinese. Go on our YouTube channel to view her speech!