Large Multinational choose Senzani’s turnkey solutions

Large Multinational choose Senzani’s turnkey solutions 800 449 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Providing customised solutions, meeting the most varied needs of clients: this is one of the recipes to be competitive in the market nowadays. With its experience and expertise achieved over 65-years of history, Senzani Brevetti has always based its strength on flexibility and customisation. One of the later orders received from a renown American holding in the food sector is an acknowledgment of such policy. Senzani designed a rice packing system for this client, integrating a vertical cartoner CMX12 and a sachet-placing system.

The cartoner features a special dosing system with three (3) volumetric filling heads to dose and fill different types of rice into the relevant formats. It unit was also designed, and engineered to be interfaced and integrated with a bandolier machine to insert a sachet of seasoning ingredients inside each carton.

The complete line achieves a speed of 225 cpm and is the ultimate result of a 30-year ongoing cooperation between Senzani and a group whose history in the sectors of food & beverage and pet-care dates back to over a century. This is the confirmation of the client’s trust in the performing and innovative solutions designed by the Faenza business.