Institutions and partners open house at senzani’s

Institutions and partners open house at senzani’s 800 449 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

More celebrations going on for Senzani Brevetti’s 60th anniversary. In the past days, the company wanted to share this important moment not only with the representatives of the local Institutions, but also with their business and financial partners, especially Suppliers, representing the strategic rings for the Senzani machines production “chain”. To seize the occasion, the doors of the Faenza headquarters remained opened, to show the attendees the development achieved in the activities and the production, through an evocative itinerary starting from the workshop area, the “historical” core of the plant, and leading to the most recent machineries; from the RP2 palletizer, to the SBNE case packer, and the CM6-CD vertical cartoner, this latter designed for Nestlè UK. The attendees had therefore the chance to closely observe the latest creations of the Senzani production, exceptionally in motion for the occasion, and directly experience their featuring level of technology and innovation.  This meeting also represented the opportunity for the preview of the second part of the institutional video realized for Senzani’s 60th anniversary, and to illustrate the company’s history and future perspectives for development, once more emphasizing on the strong existing bond with the Emilia-Romagna territory.