Faenza’s tribute to Iro Senzani

Faenza’s tribute to Iro Senzani 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

35 years after his passing, the town of Faenza paid a tribute to Iro Senzani, founder of Senzani Brevetti. A few days ago, the roundabout beside the Senzani factory was named after him.

The ceremony gathered the local authorities, the Mayor of Faenza, Mr. Giovanni Malpezzi, the Senzani family and the company employees and collaborators. A commemorative ceramic plaque made by a local pottery artist was unveiled.

“We are happy,” – says Mrs. Luisa Quadalti Senzani – the Municipality wants to leave such a sign of the town’s gratitude towards Iro Senzani. A man who brought his creativity, patents and the name of Faenza into the world. His profound connection with the local territory is a part of Iro Senzani’s legacy, which the family treasures, by keeping the company offices and production facility in Faenza.

Mr. Malpezzi, the Mayor, stated Iro Senzani was “one of those leading entrepreneurs of the second half of the last century making Faenza grow and flourish. Faenza owes very much to his talent and brilliance”.