Coffee capsules, Senzani designs Cellini group lines

Coffee capsules, Senzani designs Cellini group lines 600 300 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Senzani Brevetti’s expertise in coffee sector attracted a new precious partnership: Cellini group. The coffee producer, with a 70-years history, owner of brands as Columbia, Filicori and Eureka, decided to pick Senzani as trusted partner to empower its presence on coffee capsules market.

Senzani worked with Cellini management since the strategic level, also playing the role of advisor, siding the customer from production target analysis to marketing and sales choices, studying the most suitable carton and format. The Group’s specific needs were the guidelines to design customized production lines.

The first machine to run in production is a CM vertical cartoner, packing Dolcegusto compatible capsules at a speed of around 35 cartons per minute for the 16 capsules format (also treating the 10 capsules format). The Senzani TP packs Nespresso compatible capsules at a speed of around 600 per minute (that is to say 60 cartons of 10 pcs each), in this case the products are manipulated by a robot to compose the carton configuration.

Senzani completes the supply with a WA wrap-around case packer for the end-of-line. The machine creates a stack of cartons according to the customer’s demand and wraps the grouping in a box. The case lid can be torn directly by the seller, to use the box base as a shelf-ready tray. This solution becomes an important tool in instore marketing strategy. Senzani confirms to be a trusted partner not only in technical terms, but also in sales and communication.