Automation, remote control and energy saving: Senzani machines look to the future

Automation, remote control and energy saving: Senzani machines look to the future 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Today’s packaging market demands not only a high level of customisation and performance, but also “smarter” solutions to allow the operators’ quick and intuitive management of the production process. Senzani keeps paying particular attention to innovation and set up a series of smart systems integrated in the machines.

The company cooperates with partners like Schneider Electric, a leading supplier of digital solutions for energy management and automation, efficiency and sustainability. Senzani can offer machines that manage energy consumption thanks to brushless motors and drives to recycle the energy that would be lost. Machines can also integrate power meters, which measure consumption and report possible faults.

Operators have the chance to check and access alarms, critical variables, machine documentation, tutorial videos, guided maintenance procedures, web pages, instructions, schemes, etc. in real time via tablet thanks to augmented reality apps and analytics.

Diagnostics becomes more and more efficient thanks to video surveillance systems to constantly monitor the production process most “critical” areas. The aim is to quickly track down cause of a problem from remote so to speed up the response time.

All these innovative solutions are already in place, an important Customer in the food sector has them implemented in a cartoning machine mod. IVFB10 for pasta. A high level of performance, combined with compact design and integrated safety is the mix that looks to the future.