A long story at the side of Barilla

A long story at the side of Barilla 860 484 Senzani Brevetti S.p.A.

Senzani celebrates the 65th birthday, an important achievement for the company history, that successfully keeps working at the cooperation with Barilla. The Parma-based company is one of the “made in Italy” symbols and has trusted Senzani solutions for pasta conditioning for almost half a century now.

The first machine Senzani supplied was a vertical cartoner for noodles at 220 cpm and is the longest-running machine still in operation. Since then, the partnership has grown stronger, always keeping in mind the need for innovation and ever-changing markets demands. Senzani is today the main partner for Barilla in short-cut pasta packaging.

This year, our relationship with Barilla has grown even stronger, thanks to a series of projects also involving the Pedrignano (Parma) plant, about to become the biggest pasta production site worldwide. Senzani has produced, installed (or is currently installing) 38 machines for Barilla so far, in various production sites in the US, Russia and Italy. To crown this important and long-standing partnership, Barilla was supplied with the 2000th machine Senzani produced (a long-cut pasta case packer) and these numbers highlight once again the deep and strong bond between the two companies.